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By Valdemir Mota de Menezes
" Preserve up the women silent in the churches , why do not you , allowed to speak , but must be in submission, as the Law says ." I Cor 14:34 .

No room for fanciful interpretations on this theme . Women can not exercise leadership positions over men in the church . What we see today is the result of feminist movements that influenced the church to adopt secular culture and moral standards . Christianity is the sequence of Judaism , is the same God and the same moral concept . The principles that lead man to be leader in the church , the family and society are founded on the origin of human life on this planet . The consequences of the curse of sin , among other things includes physical death and the position of female submission on males . Times have changed , but the standard set by God remains the same . Women are on an equal footing with men in the matter of salvation. Jesus came from access to salvation to men and women , Jews and Greeks , slaves and free . But please do not raping the rules of interpretation . In a matter of salvation : men and women have the same access to salvation. Within presidency of family , church and society , God's standard is the leading man .

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